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About Behyaar

ehyaar Sanaat Sepahan has been manufacturing medical equipment since 2003. Based on the ingenious knowledge, Behyaar Sanaat has been trying to manufacture the advanced medical equipment for improving the treatment around the Asia. Nowadays Behyaar Sanaat Sepahan with around 150 employees has a strong potential in innovating the new technologies such as Optical lenses for medical purposes, Real time processing, X-ray generators, Heavy industry, and Nano composite materials and so on. Thanks to the Behyaar R&D section, we have the innovative products deriving from our ingenious knowledge. Investing in R&D, which is an indispensable part of our policy, has had a direct effect on our development. One of the most important hi-tech product of Behyaar is LINAC. It is important to know what is LINAC? It is a medical linear accelerator which is designed to treat the cancer tumors with the use of ionizing radiation. This accelerator can be used in Radiotherapy, which is known as a suitable method for treating cancer. The type of radiation is based on the high energy electrons or X-rays. As a matter of fact, the electrons are accelerated within the tube and extracted from the head of the machine. The beam of radiation can penetrate inside the tumor where cancer cells live. These kinds of cells can be killed by radiation, and finally the tumor will be eradicated. What is our motivation in manufacturing LINAC? According to the International statistics in 2012, about 14.1 million new cases of cancer occurred globally and It caused about 8.2 million deaths or 14.6 % of all human deaths. It seems that a lack of adequate equipment has increased the rate of death among people suffering from cancer. As an illustration, the dearth of radiotherapy machines such as LINAC is a controversial issue around the world particularly in developing countries. Last but not least, another hi-tech product of Behyaar is U-arm/Ceiling radiology system which is fully motorized and automated.